Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Five things you don`t really need

Five months ago I came in the Netherlands, and during this time I changed in many ways. There are also small things about everyday life that have changed. Many things that I thought to be necessary, and they aren`t. And I`ve discovered that the less you need, the more you are free. So here you are, stuff that you don`t really need:

1- Electric iron
When I lived in Italy I used to iron everything, seriously, even my underwears. My mother is very precise and thereby nobody in the family is allowed to wear crinkly clothes. 
When my dutch family told me that they never do that, I was really shocked and incredulous. Come on! How can you go around with a creased shirt! But you know, iron the clothes is a real bother, and once you wear something, it`s going to be creased in anyway. So, why should I do that?

2- Hairdryer
I`ve always used hairdryer in winter, mostly cause my mother always told me that I was going to get a cold with my wet hair. Well I don`t even have one here, and yeah the winter is not finished yet, but I`m still alive, and in good health.

3- Lunch
For us italians, the luch in the most important meal: after school, we go home and we eat a full plate of pasta (usually 2 plates). Since I`m here, my lunch consists of bread and cheese/ham/nutella. And that`s it. Has been hard to get used to it, but now it`s just normal for me. And I can always stuff myself with food at dinner.

4- Car
I think that I got on a car no more than 6 times in 5 months. I always use the bike to go to school and to my friends, and the train to travel. That`s actually awesome. I don`t need to ask my mum for a ride, I`m almost totally independent, and I also train my muscles!

5- Tablecloth
Okay man, now tell me: what`s the real purpose of a tablecloth? It`s really not necessary, cause it just get dirty and then you have to clean it. So, down the tablecloth!


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