Monday, 22 December 2014

Dutch and TOUGH

Dutch children are indistructible. I`ve seen them many times running around in t-shirt, while I was freezing in my coat and scarf. I wonder if it`s something they eat that make them so strong, maybe hagelslag or potatoes. Must be their Viking`s genes.

When  I was a child, my mother used to dress me with more than one coat to keep me warm, and always try to protect me from the world and weather. She still does it actually, even now that I live 1000 km from home. Italian moms are in general very protective, they will always stop their children from doing something dangerous, or catching cold.
I`ve noticed that here children grow up freely, and learn by experience. At the end, who cares if their hands are a bit more dirty and their knees a bit more scratched? That is just life.

Just an example: I`ve been in a recreation ground for children in my city. I was used to italians ones, where you can find just slides and seesaws; That one here in Netherlands was like a surviving camp, an Hunger Games training. It was fu**ing dangerous!!! I`m a teenager and I consider myself quite brave, but i was actually scared!!
So, do not go to a dutch recreation ground if you`re not sure you can face it.


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