Wednesday, 12 November 2014

It always begins with one step

A journey of thousand miles begins with one step, it doesn´t matter how big the step is, what really matters is that you are strong enough to take that step towards your dream. My dream was travelling and being able to see the world in a different way, not as a tourist but as part of it, and this is one of the things exchange students have in common the will of learning as much as you can.

A few months ago I was back in my homeland, Ecuador, thinking what my life will be as a exchange student in the Netherlands. And now that I am one I can say is much more than I can imagine, learning a new language, adapting to a new culture, going to school in a totally new language, and of course meeting people, people from all over the world that share this same desire.

You are never too young to achieve your dreams, and always remember what is worth it, is not always easy to achieve.

Tot ziens


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

But when you look - look WIDE; and even when you think you are looking wide - LOOK WIDER STILL

I have the great desire to go, no matter where. The important thing is going, wandering, walking along different paths, speaking different languages, and eating different foods. I call it Youth, I call it life. 
My dream, come here, did scare me, and now  this life is normal, and I start feeling that emotion; I find myself staring at the world map, scrolling my fingers over it. I know I should be patient now. I should think about the present here and no more. But I can`t help it. There is an Italian song that says: <This is the road for the ones who leave, and arrive to leave again>. 

There is no end point now, there is no arriving. NOW is not the time to keep still, it`s the time to search, find a new way, ask yourself <What am I up to?> and Everything is the answer. This is time of possibilities, dreams, cheap food and cheap clothes. 

I`m running away from a life planned for me. Why should I study, go to university, work, and settle down not too far away? Why is this the kind of life that we deserve? I want something else, something more. First I want to know my options, the infinite possibilities of this world. And then choose: probably I`ll settle down and work, but even if the result is the same, it`s not as like as not to choose.

There is no point in keeping your money now because one day you could need them. Money is just an instrument, made to be used! Use it in a smart way. Travel is a very good way to spend your money! There are so many things that you don`t really need, that don`t make you happy. 

But travel... 

Travel is an investment in your happiness, knowledge, personality, friendships. If you think about that in this way, you`ll be surprised that it`s so cheap. It is the cheapest, fastest and funniest way to learn and grow. Probably you won`t even realise that you`re learning and changing. 
There are official diplomas, the ones that the school gives you, and unofficius ones, the ones that the world gives you. And maybe the second ones are even more important. Not for get a job sure, or to earn money, but that`s not really the point. 

Travel will make you free, will show you other ways, lifes, perspectives. You will stop thinking about the people on this earth as dangerous, incomprehensible, wrong strangers and begin to consider them as future friends. They have same emotions and feelings as you, actually there are no barriers and borders but the ones that you build by yourself.

Travel makes you modest, and aware of how small you are compared to the world. Until you`re at home, your world is the school, or your work, but then you realise that these things are not so important, and the world is wonderful and full of different people. 

Remember that there is no better and no right way to be.

This is not the time to be lazy, and I`m not talking about the exchange year, but the youth. I know not to believe the ones who tell me <You`re 16! You`re so young, what are you doing here! Don`t you miss home?>. Don`t trust them cause you`re not too young to go, to be indipendent. You mustn`t think that maybe you aren`t up to it, that you are not strong enough. You can If you want. Dare it, take risk, think big. <But when you look - look WIDE; and even when you think you are looking wide - LOOK WIDER STILL> (B.P.)

And when you do it, you understand that wasn`t so hard. Mountains are always higher if you look at them from the ground, and so are your fears and adventures. Once you`re in, perhaps you will ask yourself <Why didn`t I go further? Why didnt I dare more?>. You`ll become more confident.

So yeah, lets go! That`s what I meant to say.. ;)
Doei doei!