Saturday, 6 December 2014


If you are going on an exchange, you must know that you`ll meet people that will consider you just as someone who is passing by, and isn`t worth to be talked to. People that will make fun of your country or your accent, behind your back. People that will make you feel stupid, because after 3 months in the Netherlands you still can`t do your dutch tests. Those people don`t deserve your attention.

You will meet others, that ask you questions, all the time. About your italian school, your family, that guy that you were dating back in Italy, your experiences. They will keep you sane, happy and in love with your native country. People that try to learn some italian words, and proudly keep reapeting <Io mangio un tramezzino>. People that <What am I going to do when you`ll be back in Italy?!>. People that I will never thank enough for being my friend.

 I didn`t expect it. I didn`t expect to have someone to miss from the Netherlands. I didn`t expect to be so happy, and lazy, or to fall in love with nutella and beer. I thought that all the challenge was leave your country and move to another place. But now I know that the most tough part will be go back home, and leave the life that I`ve built here. The people that I`ve met and I`ll meet, the friends that are part of my life and that I will never forget. And even if I don`t want to, I `m going to leave behind most of them. Cause the time flies and nobody has already invented the teleportation.


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