Friday, 19 December 2014

Dutch and...

Hoi people! I`m on holiday finally!! So I`m gonna have more time to write on this blog, and I want to write about how dutch people are and what they usually like.
One of the things that I`ve discovered going abroad is that you cannot define a person just because of her/his nationality. As I wrote in my first post, living in foreign countries means forget your prejudices, and get to know people as individuals. It`s not possible to say that all dutch people are like this or that.
Neverthless I`ll try to explain some aspects and things that I`ve discovered, that are not true for every dutch but could be for a big part of this amazing folk.
Just a remark: I live in Zeeland, in the south of the Netherlands, in a small town. Here in the neighborhood there are like just farms and cows and sheep, and people are probably quite different than people in big cities or Amsterdam. Like more quiet and warm I think... 
So wait for details about dutch people in the next posts!

Doei doei! 

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